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I read you rescue page quite often and only wish I lived near enough to adopt one of these beautiful animals. I've tried to locate a rescue close to us but have been unsuccessful. Our closest is in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and that is still a long distance. We had to put down our GSD in October and miss her terribly. Keep up the good work. There are many of us out here who appreciate it. -- Pat

These are letters from some of our rescued dogs and their new homes:

(Click on link to view photo, if any)

From Judy, Mark, Kody McMurphy & Remo ...

Dear Marianne,
Thank you for our delightful new pal, Remo, and for your helpful suggestions on assisting him with his behavior problems. We just finished week #3 and there has been much improvement. He is calmer, less prone to tail chasing, and is responding well to our training efforts. We will start classes soon. His tail is starting to really heal, but until a few days ago, he was still able to get at while his e-collar was off if he got upset enough. We are fighting against the infection and it looks like we are winning. Remo also has a new friend at the park, a Boxer named Murphy. They run, run play, and run some more. Again, Thanks! for your help.

From Miriam Heilizer & Stella Luna (Hannah) ...

Dear Ermone, Steve and Marianne,
Thank you for the pictures of Hannah, who is now called Stella Luna. After a day of watching her, I was reminded of a character in a children's book called Stella Luna, about a fruit bat. Stella's large ears, and her tendency to chase bugs, made me think of the fruit bat in the story. She knows her name now, and is learning how to sit, down and come. Stella has gained 8 pounds and is eating well. She has round worms, but is getting treated for them. I found a terrific vet who thinks Stella might have some Husky or Malamute in her. She is a wonderful dog and is making many human and canine (and feline) friends. She barks "Hi" to you.

From Pam, Britt, Zach, & our GSD's Shaker, Shadow &
"Res-q" (Sparkle) ...

I would like to thank you and those of you who helped us to adopt the beautiful new addition to our GSD family. We picked up the adorable three month old puppy on 7/5/00, the day after my birthday. We waited almost a week from start to finish to finally bring her home. I am completely appalled that someone could abandon such a delightful bundle of joy. She is the perfect new addition to our GSD family! I would also like to thank Marianne for making sure I was called as soon as the puppy was available. We LOVE her and she has been a nonstop joy for us. We are allowing her to create her own space with our other GSD's. They are getting along so well that we are so glad that GSD rescue exists and that we could adopt the new love of our lives. We will definitely be ready to adopt another GSD puppy if one becomes available. The GSD internet site has been a wonderful place to acquire knowledge and respect for the man's best friend.

From Jennifer and Jim Watson & Gretchen ...

It has been almost a year since our girl has joined our family. She is doing wonderful and has adjusted nicely. If you remember, she was the dog that attacked your ceramic shepherd statue; well, she is now socialized with our neighbor dogs and can play with them. We are very proud parents. Jim and I have some items that we don't need for Gretchen. We would like to send them to you. Please let us know and e-mail us the address to send them to GSD Rescue. Jim and I will keep passing on GSD information to all our friends and family.

From Carol Krullberg and Barry ...

Hi Marianne,
THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. Barry is adapting quite well. I am so happy with him. He is a very smart cookie. Mandy, my Golden, is accepting him, but on her terms. One fight was over a bone that Mandy was not even playing with. Boy, Kids! We all walk together at one time and there are no problems. He is so wonderful. I talked with Connie F. She is happy for Barry and gave me a couple of other training kennels in case there is a conflict with schedules. We will be signing up as soon as new classes start in the Fall. In the meantime, I am working on obedience refreshers. He know a lot!

From Sherri Grandidier, from Arkansas & Max ...

Hello, just a note to let you know that Max is the love of our life!! We had a little bit of a rough start at first but now things are great. He loves all the other animals and the cats and he are starting to get along to some extent. He was very well worth driving that far to get him!

From the home of Lulu (Marijo) ...

Lulu (who used to be Marijo) is just wonderful. It has been almost a year that I have had her and I wanted to say thank you for introducing us. Yesterday we met Frannie in the park. Her owner said that she adopted Frannie from you. Well, after Lulu was a rescue dog, she has decided to be a foster sister to pitbulls that I have been fostering and she has been very supportive of them. She is the greatest dog (although she does have her special toys that she will not let them play with). I would have to say, Lulu is the greatest thing that has ever happened to me and together we have saved 30 lives and 17 of them have found great homes already. Of course, everyone always asks if Lulu is for adoption, too. Well, Lulu and I just want to say hello and thank you. Lulu even went to New York already for Christmas and had a wonderful time. If you ever need a follow up check done, please let me know, I would be happy to help out.

From Kathy McCrea & Heidi (Winnie) ...

Dear Marianne,
Winnie (now Heidi) is doing great and is a lovely addition to our family. She has bonded with "Hawk", our Rottweiler, and "Millie", our Sheltie mix. She is not too thrilled with "Annie" who is our Maltese-poodle mix, but will tolerate her. She likes the cats and one even sleeps with her in her crate. She is truly bonded with Steven, my 11 year old son. Heidi is a wonderful example of a true and proud GSD. My son and I are volunteering at "Chicago Community Humane Center" located at 2406 West Lunt by Western Avenue, every other Sunday. Would you have any room in GSD Rescue for us to volunteer with your organization as well? I would love to hear from you regarding this. We are going to start some obedience work this summer at "Tail Waggers" which is a couple of blocks from our house. I am looking forward to that.

From Robin & Ed O'Hara with Sally & Riley (Nick) ...

"Photo was taken at Petmart in Northbrook on 12-12-99.  Both dogs were adopted from GSR."

From Michelle Herro & Bear ...

"Merry Christmas to all at German Shepherd Rescue,
I am happy to say that Bear is doing very well in his new home. He & his sister, Misty, are becoming the best of friends. She never lets him rest! He is living life to the fullest with many walks, running in the yard and has even learned to run along with Misty while I roller blade! He is doing well on his eye medication & his eyes seem to be pretty clear.
Here is our Christmas family picture, we hope it find everyone well. Please let me know if I can help with anything in Wisconsin."

From John & Pam Meehan & Jopa (Arbi) ...

"Dear Marianne,
Jopa is doing quite well here, and we thank you again for allowing us to adopt him.
He has the run of the fenced in back yard and the house too. He is quite lovable and protective. A quality we really like about him.
We wish you much success as you continue to find good homes for these wonderful dogs."

From Tom Muir & Daisy ...

"Dear Marianne,
Enclosed is the rescue tag for Daisy we have been meaning to return to you along with a recent photograph of Daisy with one of her favorite toys, The Big Mean Kitty. As I told you on the phone, Daisy is doing extremely well and won the 1st place trophy in her obedience class; a copy of her class diploma and score sheet is also included. She initially had a severe separation anxiety which took a month or two for her to get over but she has since adjusted very comfortably. Daisy loves to meet new people and other dogs and continues to try making friends with our cat even though she is subjected to the rudest cat behavior in return. Within the next few weeks, we plan on enrolling her in the advanced training class and to get another rescue dog for Daisy to spend time and energy with. The addition of Daisy to the Family has far exceeded anything we could have imagined and her comical personality keeps us laughing all the time. You are performing an extraordinarily valuable service to people and dogs alike. Keep up the great work."

From The Bata Family & Sheeba ...

"Dear Marianne & GSD Rescue,
Here is a recent photo of Sheeba, current Wt. 86 lbs., age 2, adopted 11/98.  She is a wonderful dog. We love her very much. She is protective and obedient most of the time. She is pictured here with Mom & Dad & brother Jackson, age 1 1/2 and 110 lbs.  They get along great.

Please relay this to John & Lynn Callan. I don't have that address. Thanks again and continued success in your work with GSD's."

From Kathy and Ginger ...

"Dear Marianne,
Ginger is doing quite well in her new home. She and Gracie have adapted to each other and each knows their boundaries. Ginger is submissive to everybody that comes over and lick everyone to death if they didn't stop her! She has had some obedience work and I started her refresher work on Monday. We walk in the mornings before work. She's a little out of shape, so she's tired after two miles. After work, I take her out for 20-30 minutes of obedience work. She pay attention despite some of the neighborhood distractions. However, there are some exceptions: Our cat and the little girls across the street. I will make this work to my advantage! She has also stopped messing in the house, (thank goodness!) Thank you so much for allowing me to take Ginger home. I am grateful."

From The Wallace Family and Tasha (Wendy) ...

"Dear German Shepherd Rescue,
Just a note to let you know that Tasha (Wendy) is doing very well. She and our other dog Haley are becoming best friends. Her favorite place to sleep is on the sofa during the day or in the hallway between the bedrooms at night! She's becoming more protective and barks at strangers now that she is more adjusted. We are so glad that we adopted her! She is so beautiful now that coat is getting healthier. I hope many more dogs will be given a second chance like Tasha had to be adopted through German Shepherd Rescue."

From Ken and Roseann and Mactavish (Mac) ...

"Hello German Shepherd Rescue,
Here are some current pictures of Mactavish (Mac). As you can see he has adapted very well. He is almost totally off the leash and loves to just hang in the yard. There is a wetland behind the house and Mac went swimming twice. He wasn't suppose to!
    He usually spend most of the day under my desk. I am an artist, this card was my drawing. Thanks again for allowing us to include Mac in our home and become one of our family. We love him! "

From Jim & Jennifer Watson & Gretchen ...

"Dear Marianne,
Thank you for loaning us this collar & leash. Gretchen has fit into our little family great! We can't thank you enough for your help. We will be taking her to Narnia in a few weeks for classes."

From Karen Francese and Calgary ...

"Dear Marianne,
Here is a picture of Calgary who I adopted in April. He is a little over six months now. He is such a great puppy and companion for both my daughter and me. We just love him. Calgary's mom is Montreal.
    We are looking forward to attending the German Shepherd Picnic next year!!"

From Martha and Ken Pautz and Ariel ...

"Dear Marianne,
     Hello there, got your newsletter and wanted to say that someone is doing a super job with the printing and content.
     We wanted to let you know that we are so pleased with Ariel. She is one of the best dogs we have ever had and we've had a number of them.
     Even though our yard is not completely fenced, she knows her boundaries. She lays  at the back corner of our house and guards against "Taco Bell Yapper" from next door. He's the only thing that upsets her and I'm sure she'd like him for a snack!
    Our four grandsons come over, ages 10, 5, 4, and just turned terrible two! If she gets tired of the attention, she just goes in the other room.
     Ken took her with him in the RV to Illinois Beach Park a number of times this summer. She loved going for walks and smelling all those new, unfamiliar smells. She also talks, tells us when she wants to out or come in. I was reading and she came over to me. I said "go tell Ken" and I'll be darned she didn't go over to the computer and tell him. Scary, isn't it?
    Thank you and keep up the good work."

From The Winston Family and Luna (Stormy) ...

"Dear Marianne,
Jack and I adopted Luna (Stormy) on August 12, 1998. We just want to let you know how she is doing. Luna is a wonderful, smart dog. She loves to go camping and swimming with us. She likes running on the beach and digging big holes in the sand. She sleeps on her back not her belly. We haven't figured that one out yet. Luna talks to you, she doesn't bark. Our kids David and Amanda lover her very much. They feed her and play with her everyday. We jus adopted a kitten and Luna considers it her own. We named the kitten "Meowzer". They play together all the time. Luna gives him a bath every morning. Luna also gets along so will with other dogs. My family and I would like to say thank you so much for wonderful Luna. We could not have asked for a better German Shepherd Dog."

From David and Linda Butler and Rob Roy (Bob) ...

"Dear Marianne,
Just a little note to let you know how well Rob Roy (formerly BOB) is doing.  It's been over two weeks and our other shepherd has finally accepted him even though she still insists on being alpha for ALL the pets, Rob included.  He seems to think it's OK.   Rob went to the vet and was negative for heartworm, so I started him on pills right away.  Also, thanks for the rabies shot verification.  We took him to be groomed on Saturday morning and he came back even more beautiful!  We are so lucky to have him come to live at our house and be a part of our family!  Our heartfelt thanks go out to you and the other wonderful people of the German Shepherd Breed Rescue."

From Patricia B. Harding & Kip (Stormy) ...

"Dear Marianne,
The shepherd your called stormy, that I renamed Kip is doing nicely.  She is well behaved and likes her new surroundings.  She has become glued to me!  She is a bit aggressive with people who come to the door, but that makes her a good watchdog.   I am glad to have her."

From Denise Deluca & Cheyenne ...

"Dear Marianne,
I thought you might enjoy some pictures of Cheyenne (& Caileigh).  I also sent them to Diane & Andrea (per their request).  Cheyenne is doing well considering all she has been through.  Caileigh is an excellent mentor because she is so sweet, sociable, calm & listens well.  Cheyenne takes all of her cues from Caileigh so it works out well.  She's coming along slowly but surely in the 'trust' department.   Otherwise, she's working out well.  She's house trained (follows Caileigh's example), doesn't excessively bark (only when Caileigh does), & isn't destructive.   We're working on getting her to play with toys since she doesn't understand what to do with them (so sad).  Hope you enjoy the update on & pictures of Cheyenne!"

Cheyenne was a brood bitch at a puppy mill.  She was extremely shy, submissive and fearful when she came to our group.  Through the efforts of her foster home and now her new family, Cheyenne is learning that not all people are bad and that there is more to life than a crate and producing puppies - life can be fun!

From Gretta (Poohbear)...

"Christmas 1998...
Dear Maribeth and Friends at German Shepherd Rescue,
I'm sorry this card's so late, but I've been so busy, enjoying my new house and getting ready for Christmas.  I've already started holiday eating and am pushing 70 lbs.   But I keep fit with long walks at least twice a day.  I really enjoy taking rides in the car (see enclosed photo).  I figure I'll be ready for the driver's test in spring.  Last week, we went to Scrubbers, the local dog wash, for my holiday hair-do.  I got a new Christmas scarf to wear home.  My favorite holiday toy is a red rubber stocking that squeaks.  I take it everywhere with me and will gladly chase it - or a ball or my teddy - whenever they are thrown.  Don't tell Mary Ann or Elaine, but sometimes when they're not home, I climb on the couch or the bed and relax in comfort.  They think I'm good because I never get on the furniture when they're home.   The only clue I've left so far was the pecan pie I stole from the kitchen counter and brought up to the bedroom to eat in bed.  But they got home before I could finish it!  They think I'm so cute, tho, I think I'll get lots of Christmas presents.   And speaking of presents, here's one for my friends at GSR - just to say thanks for finding me this great home.  Love, Gretta"

From Victoria Mackay and Tova ...

"This letter is to personally thank you for finding Tova (Blitzen) for me.  She is an absolutely outstanding German Shepherd.  It is obvious to me that her previous owners did not understand that she is a working dog.   She responds quickly to enthusiasm and praise.  She has become a very happy dog, excelling in both obedience and agility, indoors and out.  I will be testing her herding instinct and trying tracking and flyball when we find the time.  (She loves those tennis balls!) ... I don't think I could ever by a puppy.  It is far too gratifying to see the transformation in rescue dogs who learn to trust people and life again.  The first time I told Tova she was a good dog, there was a flash of delight in her eyes that can never be repeated or duplicated.  She is a truly wonderful companion to me and my other Shepherd, Shayna."

Tova , Shayna, and Victoria are currently members of the Classic K-9 Performers and recently performed at the Windy City Pet Expo this past October at the Odeum in Villa Park.  Both dogs took FIRST PLACE in their divisions in the agility races!!  Way to go!!

From Alicia Stansfield and Zoro ...

"Just a note to let you know how much we love "Bubba", who now answers to Zoro because of his beautiful mask ... Zoro is an especially kind, affectionate and curious dog and we love him very much.  He can't wait to show you his new home!"

We thank Alicia for her generous donations to GSD Breed Rescue, Inc. as well.

From Liz Marcisz and Midnite ...

"Midnite is doing quite well.  He is up to 80 pounds and he looks and acts very healthy.  He seems to be very well adjusted to his new environment ... I think he is enjoying us too.  He smiles a lot."

From Jeff Klesky and Shamus ...

"I want to thank you for my new pooch, Shamus.  We are getting along great ... He is a very smart dog.  That is why I love this breed."

From Sandy and Peter ...

"Peter and I thank you for the great "match making".  There absolutely coundn't be a better dog for me.  Peter also seems very happy and content ... The cats are also accepting him."

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